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The Project on intercultural museum cooperation

 “Common history in past  -  for common future”

The overall objective of the Projectis to facilitate cooperation in the field of culture between Russian Federation (Veliky Novgorod, Staraya Ladoga) , Sweden and Denmark based on the common rich historical heritage from the époque of Vikings.  The implementation of the Project was run according to the Working Packages, the defined objectives and Activities’ Plan described in the application and confirmed by the contract with EU. The main goal and objectives are reached, the planned activities are fulfilled. The Project is concluded with following outcomes of are:

 The Established Networkfor long-term international cooperation and common projects among museums, archeological scientists and historians, experts from the cultural heritage field from regions of North-West Russia, Denmark and Sweden

The information Tourist Visit-centeris established in Novgorod region’s Batetsky district which performs as “reception entrance part” to the complex of archeological monuments with historical name “Peredolsky Pogost”; it includes well-known SHUM GORA, unique both in terms of size and shape.  

The new tourist destinationbased on the historical heritage for Russian and Baltic Sea cultural travelers is created - Novgorod region’s Batetsky district.The site museum in Batetsky regionwill be promoted further on together with already existing Rurikovo Gorodishe and “Slavic Villiage” in Lubytino as an  attractive touristic destination for cultural travelers being a complex of cultural heritage from Viking Age related to The Way from Varangian to Greeks”.

To raise the awareness of the citizens about cultural heritage and make it more attractivethe Project introduced the most interactive kind of presentation – Historical Reconstruction “Living History”, which took place in Batetsky in the framework of the Project with participation of Danish and Swedish reconstructors. There the interactive forms of museum activity – Living History reconstruction are going to be run annually.

The Scandinavian experiencebecame valuable in management of territories’ development using the opportunities of culture tourism as well as the methods of work with youth and school children.The competence of the local culture workers, education, local tourist branch representatives and NGOswas improved by participation in the seminars organized together with Scandinavian experts on that field; the methodological materials were provided as well.

Concept of strategic development of Batetsky district included the deep analysis and recommendations for the territory development using the potential of culture tourism based on rich cultural heritage

The printing materialsproduced during the Project period, namely: leaflets of Project; Guidebook for traveler “Archeology of Novgorod region”, the exhibition  leaflets «Argonauts of the Middle Ages» were widely used within the Project’s activities and other related events to promote the Project and culture heritage of the Novgorod region as an important destination for culture travelers  not only for Russia but for Baltic Sea countries as it has the common historical roots from the whole region.

Informationabout the Project’s activity was widelyspread through mass media, the project partners and target audience Networks. The events of the Project got a good publicity from mass media: press, radio and TV.

Activities planned for the Project are fully implemented according to the approved Projects Action Plan for 2 years.

During the implementation period of the Project the priorities forthe follow-up projects activities have been identified. The Project’s partners have started to work out the 3 follow up projects already from the second year of the implementation period of it.