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The Round Table “Local youth cultural politics and education” 25.06.2012

     The round table took place on June 25th, 2012in Velikiy Novgorod. 26people, representatives to local authorities for education and youth policy, local museums and NGOsas well as project partners (Administration of Batetskij region, NPO “Tourist Office of Veliky Novgorod”, region NGO “Novgorod Society for Antiquities”). In the framework of  the round table’s program the Danish and Swedish experts on the topic have made sufficient contributions about new trends and methods in attracting the youth audience to the cultural heritage, making it on the most smart way and using all modern knowledge and technologies. the (see program attached). Russian speakers enriched the program by sharing their experience as well talking about the best existing practice in Russian small historical towns, but also speaking about some obstacles and challenges in the future.
In general - besides useful discussions and presentations from experts, which raised a great interest from the participants, the very concrete proposals for cooperation in future were put forward as well.
     The round table became the mutual beneficial event and has improved the knowledge and competence in promotion of the cultural heritage to young people. Education authorities and representatives of museums will be able to use the new programs, new forms and methods of work with young people. The speeches from the experts will be saved and delivered after words as methodological materials for interested parties.
Attachment files:
1.      List of participants (English, Russian)
2.      The program of the Round Table (English, Russian)

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