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6-7th of July, 2013

(“Zapolie” village)

Be a part of Legend!


On the bank of the Luga River in Zapoliye village there is a famous hill called Shoum-gora. A lot of legends have been told about this hill, one of them links it with Rurik's grave, where according to a legend Rurik and his 12 best warriors were buried. Territory of one of the most ancient settlements on the Trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks is surrounded with numerous legends and historical facts. It can give you an idea of what the epoch gave the start to Russian statehood looked like.


The celebration of the medieval feast of Ivan Kupala's day (midsummer) will be held on July 6-7

The plot of the feast is based on ancient Slavic ceremony of "bratchina" - hospitable feast.


The plot is as follows, the Novgorod prince and his retinue are waiting for a visit of neighbour land prince. During the first they decide to find out whose musicians and warriors are better. This is where the exciting competition begins…




  • TREATS according the princely ceremony;
  • WORK of CRAFT COURTYARD form Sweden and Denmark. Foreign guests will teach all everyone to ancient crafts, including making things out of wood and clay;
  • MEDIEVAL MUSICAL CONCERT. The Open air music concert consists of 5 music folk groups who will compete between each other:  there is all variety of magical melodies in the program - captivating songs, rare instruments: the ancient Russian folk, Celticum, Mediterranean culture, the traditions of European carnival.
  • TASTING of various dishes of the antique kitchen. Magic of the ancient secrets of the dishes will give an unforgettable gourmet experience.
  • MIDSUMMER AND WEDDING CEREMONIES in compliance with ancient traditions, in which every guest can take part.
  • MARRIAGE BROKERAGEof Swedish bride.
  • FIRE SHOW under starry sky

All events start at 17.00 on 6th of July 2013